Kyle R. Skottke

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Protein dephosphorylation by the serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) modulates a broad array of cellular functions. PP2A normally acts as a heterotrimeric holoenzyme complex comprising a catalytic subunit bound by regulatory A and B subunits. Characterization of the regulatory A subunit isoforms (ROOTS CURL IN NAPHTHYLPHTHALAMIC ACID1 [RCN1],(More)
The gaseous hormone ethylene is one of the master regulators of development and physiology throughout the plant life cycle. Ethylene biosynthesis is stringently regulated to permit maintenance of low levels during most phases of vegetative growth but to allow for rapid peaks of high production at developmental transitions and under stress conditions. In(More)
ATHB17 (AT2G01430) is an Arabidopsis gene encoding a member of the α-subclass of the homeodomain leucine zipper class II (HD-Zip II) family of transcription factors. The ATHB17 monomer contains four domains common to all class II HD-Zip proteins: a putative repression domain adjacent to a homeodomain, leucine zipper, and carboxy terminal domain. However, it(More)
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