Kyle R P Kafka

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Time-resolved diffraction microscopy technique has been used to observe the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) from the interaction of a single femtosecond laser pulse (pump) with a nano-scale groove mechanically formed on a single-crystal Cu substrate. The interaction dynamics (0-1200 ps) was captured by diffracting a(More)
Laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS or ripples) were generated on single crystal germanium after irradiation with multiple 3 µm femtosecond laser pulses at a 45° angle of incidence. High and low spatial frequency LIPSS (HSFL and LSFL, respectively) were observed for both s- and p-polarized light. The measured LSFL period for p-polarized light(More)
A systematic study of few-cycle pulse laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) determination was performed for commercially-available ultra-broadband optics, (i.e. chirped mirrors, silver mirrors, beamsplitters, etc.) in vacuum and in air, for single and multi-pulse regime (S-on-1). Multi-pulse damage morphology at fluences below the single-pulse LIDT was(More)
Time-resolved measurement of single pulse femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structure formation K. R. P. Kafka, D. R. Austin, H. Li, A. Yi, J. Cheng, and E. A. Chowdhury Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, 191 W. Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, USA Department of Integrated Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1971 Neil(More)
We report on the generation of harmonic-like photon upconversion in a LiNbO3-based nonlinear photonic crystal by mid-infrared (MIR) femtosecond laser pulses. We study below bandgap harmonics of various driver wavelengths, reaching up to the 11th order at 4 μm driver with 13% efficiency. We compare our results to numerical simulations based on two(More)
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