Kyle R. Gardenour

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Comprehensive protein-interaction mapping projects are underway for many model species and humans. A key step in these projects is estimating the time, cost and personnel required for obtaining an accurate and complete map. Here we modeled the cost of interaction-map completion for various experimental designs. We showed that current efforts may require up(More)
The INO2 gene encodes a transcriptional activator of the phospholipid biosynthetic genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Complete derepression of phospholipid biosynthetic gene expression in response to inositol/choline deprivation requires both INO2 and INO4. Ino2p dimerizes with Ino4p to bind the upstream activating sequence (UAS)INO element found in the(More)
The INO2 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is required for derepression of the phospholipid biosynthetic genes in response to inositol depletion. Conversely, the OPI1 gene is required for repression in response to inositol supplementation. Results of an in vitro assay have led to a model in which Opi1p interacts with Ino2p. However, there is no in vivo(More)
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