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A 71 year old man who had been on lithium for 9 years for mania presented with an encephalopathic illness which was almost certainly due to lithium intoxication. Having recovered from this acute episode (although he was left with some sequelae) he was recommenced on lithium for his manic symptoms with a careful control of his blood levels. After remaining(More)
We report a child with the unusual presentation of spontaneous vaginal drainage of a pelvic abscess after nonoperative management of perforated appendicitis. Although drainage through the rectum has been previously described, this is the first report of spontaneous transvaginal drainage of a pelvic abscess from appendicitis in a child.
A patient with pernicious anemia developed severe intractable diarrhea night and day. Investigation revealed chronic atrophic gastritis and a markedly elevated level of serum gastrin. No obvious explantation for the diarrhea was found, but after antrectomy, the gastrin level returned to normal and the diarrhea subsided. Possible mechanisms for an(More)
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