Kyle M. Martin

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BACKGROUND Sepsis and death subsequent to the transfusion of blood containing Yersinia enterocolitica is an increasing problem. The organisms probably originate from bacteremia in the donor and can subsequently multiply at low temperature. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Reported here are experiments with a strain of Y. enterocolitica associated with a case of(More)
AIMS To examine how delayed refrigeration of blood affects the growth of Pseudomonas fluorescens, one of the two most important causes of sepsis resulting from transfusion of contaminated blood. METHODS Two donations of whole blood were each divided into three aliquots and inoculated with 5-10 cfu/ml of a P fluorescens strain from a case of transfusion(More)
A number of diverse in vitro model systems have been employed for the prediction of irritation potential of test articles. Monolayer systems have proven to be useful for preliminary screening but are not always capable of distinguishing mild effects or adaptable to fully formulated product. Three-dimensional reconstructed skin equivalents integrate cellular(More)
We have previously evaluated the measurement of viability and cytokine release from skin equivalents, for predicting the skin irritation potential of topically applied surfactants and demonstrated that IL-1alpha and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1ra) release from epidermal skin equivalents correlates with skin irritation potential. In this study,(More)
The availability of an in vitro test system to replace animal testing of potential irritants is becoming more and more urgent especially in Europe as a consequence of the European Community Cosmetics Directive. To evaluate the ability of Advanced Tissue Sciences' (ATS) ZK1301 skin model to predict the skin irritation potential of surfactants, we performed a(More)
This study examines the performance of actively managed Australian equity funds and the extent to which both fund size and manager size is related to risk-adjusted returns. Larger investment managers, by definition, engage in higher trade volume. The literature documents that transaction costs and trade difficulty increase with trade size, given(More)
Giant intracranial aneurysms pose significant technical problems for the neurosurgical team. Because of the location and structure of these lesions, the risks associated with traditional surgical techniques are usually unacceptable. Although aneurysm clipping using deep hypothermic circulatory arrest was first described 30 years ago, it was nearly abandoned(More)
  • K M Martin
  • 1994
Family members of a person suffering head injury are confronted with permanent alterations in the person they love. The change in the individual is experienced as a loss which must be grieved. This grieving process can be difficult since the presence of the head injury survivor serves as a constant reminder to the family of what they have lost. With an(More)
  • K M Martin
  • 1994
Many patients with mild head injury are discharged from the hospital without recognition of their true rehabilitative needs. This qualitative study was designed to describe what patient cues the expert nurse uses when making an assessment of mild head injury. Although the majority of cues the participants identified are supported in the head injury(More)