Kyle Jones

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Developmental stuttering (DS) may be related to the extrapyramidal motor system and shares many clinical similarities with Tourette's syndrome (TS), which is widely believed to be associated with extrapyramidal dysfunction. Twenty-two stutterers were examined for neuropsychiatric features commonly seen in TS, including tics, obsessive-compulsive behaviors(More)
PURPOSE Oxidative stress in the RPE is widely accepted as a contributing factor to AMD. We have previously shown that ribozyme-mediated reduction in the antioxidant enzyme manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) leads to some of the features of geographic atrophy in mice. To develop a mouse model independent of viral injection, we used a conditional knockout(More)
Recent empirical findings related to the baroreceptor hypothesis indicate that elevated heart rate, pulse pressure, and blood pressure may dampen exteroception and interoception. We thus predicted that persons with elevated systolic blood pressure would be less able to accurately perceive their heartbeats and profit from feedback training. This study(More)
To my parents who never stopped believing in me and have always encouraged me to dream big and aim for the stars. ABSTRACT Distinct sub-events can be identified and located during long duration (>50 s) and short duration (<50 s) volcanic eruptions by utilizing time-domain cross-correlation data from a three-station infrasound network at Santiaguito Volcano,(More)
Encryption is an age-old method of scrambling information in such a way that only the originator and intended recipients have the ability to return the information back to its original format. Its main purpose is to prevent valuable information from falling into the wrong hands and possibly causing irreparable damage. An example of a simple type of(More)