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The sounds of dominance: Vocal precursors of perceived dominance during interpersonal influence
A study was conducted to determine the effects of vocal cues on judgments of dominance in an interpersonal influence context. Physical measures of human vocal cues and participant ratings ofExpand
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Enriching the Inoculation Construct The Role of Critical Components in the Process of Resistance
This investigation tested the effectiveness of inoculation treatments on 790 participants. The study probed the relationship between threat and involvement, their role in inoculation, and the natureExpand
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Human Affection Exchange: VIII. Further Evidence of the Benefits of Expressed Affection
Affection exchange theory speaks to the benefits that affectionate communication elicits, not only when it is received but also when it is communicated to others. Previous research has providedExpand
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The Psychological Reality of the Door-in-the-Face
Door-in-the-face (DITF) is a sequential request technique in which a source first makes a large request. Upon the receiver’s refusal, a smaller (target) request is made. DITF has been found toExpand
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Politeness Judgments in Personal Relationships
Brown and Levinson's politeness theory specifies five strategies for achieving politeness. Although the strategies are presented as ordered and mutually exclusive, there is reason to believe thatExpand
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Nuances in inoculation: The role of inoculation approach, ego-involvement, and message processing disposition in resistance
This investigation attempted to provide further understanding of the inoculation model of resistance to influence. It examined the efficacy of inoculation treatments designed to promote centralExpand
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Influence of Communication during the Distant Phase of the 1996 Republican Presidential Primary Campaign.
This study examines the influence of five communication modalities on voters' perceptions of candidates during what Popkin terms ‘the distant phase’ of the presidential primary campaign. During theExpand
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Relational Framing Theory: Utterance Form and Relational Context as Antecedents of Frame Salience
Using relational framing theory, this article examines the influence of utterance type and relational context on the salience of relational frames. The authors report the results of two studies thatExpand
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