Kyle Jacobsen

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Total mastectomy and partial axillary dissection as advised in the DBCG (Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group) protocols was performed in 104 consecutive females with operable primary invasive breast cancer, aged 34-82 years, median 47 years. The glandular removal was complete as assessed by microscopic examination of side resection planes and deep fascia(More)
The open palm technique for Dupuytren's contracture in connection with a midlateral ulnar incision on the fifth finger was used in selected cases of severe contracture with skin shrinkage (13% of all cases during a 2 1/2 year period). Special attention was drawn to the "cornerflap" of the incision, but no vascular problems were found. All wounds closed(More)
BACKGROUND A single centre study was conducted to examine the frequency of cholecystectomies, both open and laparoscopic, up to 2 years prior to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. In particular, it was of interest to investigate whether there is a diagnostic delay in a significant number of pancreatic cancer patients and if these patients already have(More)
  • K Jacobsen
  • 1991
The methods available for acuity assessment of multi-handicapped persons are limited by lack of verbal, manual and locomotor response indicators. However, eye activity itself, can provide a clue to what is seen. The results in the present study suggest that the preferential looking technique, using gratings as stimuli and eye movements as response(More)
A group of 450 heifers, 13 to 15 mo of age, were individually identified, vaccinated (IBR, PI(3), Leptospira, Campylobacter fetus), examined (body condition score, reproductive tract evaluation, assessment of vaginal lesions), and cultured for U. diversum . Heifers were randomly allocated to either a treated group given chlortetracycline (approximately 350(More)
OBJECTIVE The need for esophageal lengthening (EL) as part of hiatal hernia (HH) repair is perceived to elevate perioperative risk and provide functionally inferior outcomes. Our objectives were to determine the risk factors of undergoing EL and to compare outcomes between operations with and without EL. We hypothesized that operative and functional(More)
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