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Over the past thirty years, there has been significant progress in developing general-purpose, language-based approaches to incremental computation, which aims to efficiently update the result of a computation when an input is changed. A key design challenge in such approaches is how to provide efficient incremental support for a broad range of programs. In(More)
Introduction. Today’s interactive software is wildly successful and pervasive, invading nearly every facet of our daily lives. An interactive system, like a GUI, is also particularly complex, due to the nature of providing a rich, responsive, interactive experience for users. Today’s software platforms further compound this complexity for humans and tools(More)
Patients with vitiligo have a decreased sweating response in both their lesional and non-lesional skin (n = 17) compared with healthy age- and sex-matched controls (n = 22) after stimulation with the acetylcholine agonist pilocarpine. The decreased cholinergic response of the dermal sweat glands in this patient group correlates with a significantly lower(More)
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