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We present a power transfer sensitivity analysis of a four-coil resonance-based wireless power delivery system that is used to provide energy to a small-size biotelemetry system implanted into non-human freely moving subjects. Both axial and angular misalignments have been evaluated, with calculations for the worst-case misalignment of 15mm axial distance(More)
A full set of finite-element method (FEM) studies of the catheter within a cylindrical cuvette and within an elliptical cuvette are presented along with novel insight on the fundamental electromagnetic properties of the catheter. An in vitro experiment with modified small mouse pressure-volume catheters was conducted and the results are presented as a(More)
— We present our study of a real-time monitoring methodology of pressure-volume (PV) in-vivo signals generated by our implantable RF telemetry system, where the dual PV sensor is implanted in a heart of a freely moving animal subject. Real-time left ventricular (LV) pressure-volume (PV) loops are one of the main indicators of the myocardium health in(More)
In this paper we present the design of LC voltage control oscillator (VCO) operating at 2.4GHz in 130nm CMOS technology using the current reuse topology, achieving a Phase Noise of -118dBc/Hz @ 1MHz with a turning range from 2.52GHz to 2.23GHz, control voltage from 0V to 1.2V while dissipating 232.4μW at resonance with 1.2V supply voltage.
We present in-vivo study related to the use of our implantable RF telemetry system for pressure-volume (PV) cardiac monitoring in a animal subject. We implant a commercial MEMS PV sensor into the subject's heart left-ventricle (LV), while the telemetry system is implanted outside of the heart and connected to the sensor with a 7-microwires tether. The RF(More)