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We consider scheduling jobs online to minimize the objective i∈[n] wig(Ci − ri), where wi is the weight of job i, ri is its release time, Ci is its completion time and g is any non-decreasing convex function. Previously, it was known that the clairvoyant algorithm Highest-Density-First (HDF) is (2 +)-speed O(1)-competitive for this objective on a single(More)
We give a deterministic algorithm to find the minimum cut in a surface-embedded graph in near-linear time. Given an undirected graph embedded on an orientable surface of genus g, our algorithm computes the minimum cut in g O(g) n log log n time, matching the running time of the fastest algorithm known for planar graphs, due to Ł ˛ acki and Sankowski, for(More)
We present the first subquadratic algorithms for computing similarity between a pair of point sequences in R d , for any fixed d > 1, using dynamic time warping (DTW) and edit distance, assuming that the point sequences are drawn from certain natural families of curves. In particular , our algorithms compute (1 + ε)-approximations of DTW and ED in(More)