Kyle E. Murray

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Open-File Reports are used for the dissemination of information that fills a public need and are intended to make the results of research available at the earliest possible date. Because of their nature and possibility of being superseded, an Open-File Report is intended as a preliminary report not as a final publication. Analyses presented in this article(More)
This study was designed to examine carbon utilization within scalable microalgae production systems. Neochloris oleoabundans was produced in replicated troughs containing BG11 nutrient formulation. Atmospheric CO(2) was supplemented with ∼5% CO(2) or with NaHCO(3), and the pH of troughs receiving NaHCO(3) was adjusted with HCl or H(3)PO(4). Peak biomass(More)
Water and other fluids have been injected into the subsurface for decades in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations and for saltwater disposal (SWD). In recent years, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal wells have allowed development of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs or to redevelop conventional resources. Intense leasing, drilling, and production(More)
Nature of the Course Content: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Water Resources will focus on the use of GIS for analysis of geographically referenced hydrologic data. Objectives/Goals of the Course: • Gain proficiency in the use of relational databases and hydrologic data models. • Learn to use GIS tools for analyzing surface water and groundwater(More)
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