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3H-(+/-)-4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenylisopropylamine (3H-DOB), a putative agonist radioligand, was synthesized and used to label 5-HT2 receptors in a particulate fraction prepared from rat frontal cortex tissue homogenates. The specific binding (defined by the difference in 3H-DOB binding in the presence and absence of 10(-6) M cinanserin, a potent and(More)
The affinities of putative serotonin receptor agonists and antagonists for 5-HT1A, 5-HT1B, 5-HT1C, and 5-HT2 receptors were assayed using radioligand binding assays. The 5-HT1 sites were labeled with the agonist radioligands [3H]-8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)-tetralin [3H]-8-OH-DPAT, [3H]-5-HT, and [3H]mesulergine. The 5-HT2 receptor was labeled with the(More)
A large series of beta-carbolines was examined for their ability to bind at [3H]agonist-labeled 5-HT(2A) serotonin receptors. Selected beta-carbolines were also examined at 5-HT(2C) serotonin receptors, 5-HT(1A) serotonin receptors, dopamine D(2) receptors, and benzodiazepine receptors. Indolealkylamines and phenylisopropylamines were also evaluated in some(More)
Clonal populations of lineage-uncommitted pluripotent mesenchymal stem cells have been identified in prenatal avians and rodents. These cells reside in the connective tissue matrices of many organs and tissues. They demonstrate extended capabilities for self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into multiple separate tissues within the mesodermal germ(More)
PROBLEM As health care systems convert to team-based care, the need to improve interprofessional education is tremendous. In addition to formal instruction, trainees need authentic team-based workplace learning experiences. APPROACH The authors designed the PACT-ICU (Patient-Aligned Care Team Interprofessional Care Update) conference to provide team-based(More)
We have found that Na-Ca exchange influences Ca(2+) efflux, signal decay, and the rate of secretion in chromaffin cells. We now report the presence of two distinct splicing variant isoforms of Na-Ca exchange proteins in bovine chromaffin cells and their transport properties in chromaffin granules and plasma membrane vesicles.
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