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Drug release from liposomal formulations is governed by a complex interplay of kinetic (i.e., drug permeability) and thermodynamic factors (i.e., drug partitioning to the bilayer surface). Release studies under sink conditions that attempt to mimic physiological conditions are insufficient to decipher these separate contributions. The present study explores(More)
To better understand the mechanistic parameters that govern drug release from polymer micelles with acid-labile linkers. A mathematical model was developed to describe drug release from block copolymer micelles composed of a poly(ethylene glycol) shell and a poly(aspartate) core, modified with drug binding linkers for pH-controlled release [hydrazide (HYD),(More)
Low dose metronomic chemotherapy (LDMC) refers to prolonged administration of low dose chemotherapy designed to minimize toxicity and target the tumor endothelium, causing tumor growth inhibition. Topotecan (TPT) when administered at its maximum tolerated dose (MTD) is often associated with systemic hematological toxicities. Liposomal encapsulation of TPT(More)
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