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In this paper, we describe a model-based, non-linear reconstruction method for mapping internal building structures using through-wall radar data. We based the model on canonical geometry constructs that are commonly used in construction practices. These constructs are then formulated as sets of simple scattering mechanisms, which can be estimated from the(More)
Seeking to enter new geographic markets where expected margins are relatively tight, a manufacturer of medical devices must reduce inventory and related costs in its finished goods supply chain. The manufacturer's supply chain includes four echelons---factories, distribution centers, regional salespeople (also known as "vans"), and customers. The amount of(More)
Driven by decreasing inventory storage space in stores and a corresponding need to increase delivery frequency, a major retailer is considering adding cross dock nodes, between distribution centers and stores, to its supply chain network. Currently, distribution centers serve stores directly. The retailer would like to understand if introducing an(More)
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