Kyle B. Dempsey

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Previous studies have shown that text genres can be computationally distinguished by sophisticated computational and statistical methods. The current study adds to the previous body of work by incorporating phrasal verbs as a text genre identifier. Results indicate that phrasal verbs significantly distinguish between both the spoken/written and(More)
This study examines the potential for computational tools and human raters to classify paragraphs based on positioning. In this study, a corpus of 182 paragraphs was collected from student, argumentative essays. The paragraphs selected were initial, middle, and final paragraphs and their positioning related to introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs.(More)
Serious games have recently emerged as an avenue for curriculum delivery. Serious games incorporate motivation and entertainment while providing pointed curriculum for the user. This paper presents a serious game, called MiBoard, currently being developed from the iSTART Intelligent Tutoring System. MiBoard incorporates a multiplayer interaction that iSTART(More)
Merchants selling products on the Web often ask their customers to share their opinions and hands-on experiences on products they have purchased. This is not only true for organizations but also true for individuals. Our beliefs and perceptions of reality, and the choices we make, are, to a considerable degree, conditioned upon how others see and evaluate(More)
MiBoard (Multiplayer Interactive Board Game) is an online, turn-based board game, which is a supplement of the iSTART (Interactive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking) application. MiBoard is developed to test the hypothesis that integrating game characteristics (point rewards, game-like interaction, and peer feedback) into the iSTART trainer(More)
MiBoard (Multiplayer Interactive Board Game) is an online, turnbased board game that was developed to assess the integration of game characteristics (point rewards, game-like interaction, and peer feedback) and how that might affect student engagement and learning efficacy. This online board game was designed to fit within the Extended Practice module of(More)