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Informational recoding by adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing diversifies neuronal proteomes by chemically modifying structured mRNAs. However, techniques for analyzing editing activity on substrates in defined neurons in vivo are lacking. Guided by comparative genomics, here we reverse-engineered a fluorescent reporter sensitive to Drosophila melanogaster(More)
Telomerase is required for long-term telomere maintenance and protection. Using single budding yeast mother cell analyses we found that, even early after telomerase inactivation (ETI), yeast mother cells show transient DNA damage response (DDR) episodes, stochastically altered cell-cycle dynamics, and accelerated mother cell aging. The acceleration of ETI(More)
Telomeres cap the ends of chromosomes, protecting them from degradation and inappropriate DNA repair processes that can lead to genomic instability. A short telomere elicits increased telomerase action on itself that replenishes telomere length, thereby stabilizing the telomere. In the prolonged absence of telomerase activity in dividing cells, telomeres(More)
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