Kylan Robinson

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Inner ear damage can lead to hearing disorders, including tinnitus, hyperacusis, and hearing loss. We measured the effects of severe inner ear damage, produced by cochlear ablation, on the levels and distributions of amino acids in the first brain center of the auditory system, the cochlear nucleus. Measurements were also made for its projection pathways(More)
Using a microchemical approach, we measured changes of amino acid concentrations in the chinchilla caudal posteroventral cochlear nucleus (PVCN) after cochlear ablation to determine to what extent slow decreases of glutamate and aspartate concentrations after carboplatin treatment resulted from slower effects of cochlear damage in chinchillas than in rats(More)
The members of the Committe appointed to examine the thesis of KYLAN THOMAS ROBINSON find it satisfactory and recommed that it be accepted. To my employer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, for funding the last two years of my graduate school education. To Washington State University, for selecting me as a Distinguished Regents Scholar and supporting(More)
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