Kylan Robinson

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We have demonstrated that stimulation of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) enhancer in T cells is dependent upon at least four cis-acting elements, including two purine-rich binding sites, PuB1 and PuB2, which are capable of binding members of the ets family of proto-oncogenes, the pets (peri-ets) site, which lies just upstream of the PuB2(More)
Background The growing prevalence of chronic conditions in the ageing workforce has been shown to have a negative impact in terms of optimal work performance and quality of life. It is therefore important to understand the factors associated with sickness absence due to health problems. Aims To examine the socio-demographics, health status indicators,(More)
The members of the Committe appointed to examine the thesis of KYLAN THOMAS ROBINSON find it satisfactory and recommed that it be accepted. To my employer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, for funding the last two years of my graduate school education. To Washington State University, for selecting me as a Distinguished Regents Scholar and supporting(More)
Mechanism-based inhibition of influenza neuraminidases by difluorosialic acids (DFSA) is not only rendered highly specific by incorporation of 4-amino or 4-guanidine substituents but also the half-life for reactivation is greatly increased. Measurement of rate constants for spontaneous hydrolysis of a series of such substituted DFSAs reveals, surprisingly,(More)
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