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The Korean American Dream: Immigrants and Small Business in New York City.
Korean immigrants to the United States establish their own small businesses at a rate exceeding that of immigrants from any other nation, with more than one third of all Korean immigrant adultsExpand
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The Contested Nexus of Los Angeles Koreatown: Capital Restructuring, Gentrification, and Displacement
In this essay, we argue that ethnic Americans and new immigrants are both influenced by and affect urban development differently in a new era of globalization. Varied spatial practices take placeExpand
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Use and Abuse of Race and Culture: Black‐Korean Tension in America
Tensions between African American residents and Korean immigrant merchants in inner-city neighborhoods have occurred in several cities, culminating in the 1992 Los Angeles riots and uprising. TheExpand
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An Analysis of Latino-Korean Relations in the Workplace: Latino Perspectives in the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest
Mainstream interpretations of 1992 Los Angeles unrest had little to sat about Mexicans or Central Americans. Instead of, TV commemorators honed in on the black-Korean tensions while neglectingExpand
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The “foxes” outfoxed: contestations between Koreans and Jews in South American textile industries
This paper is an analysis of the complex and contradictory experiences of Korean immigrants in South America. It critically analyzes the political economy of development and neoliberalism in SouthExpand
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How Do Asian Americans Create Places? From Background to Foreground
In this Amerasia issue, we explore the following set of research questions. First, how do Asian Americans create places? Asian Americans are not merely inhabitants of places. Second, we shouldExpand
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