Kyeounsoo Kim

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This paper demonstrates the design of efficient asynchronous bundled-data pipelines for the matrix-vector multiplication core of discrete cosine transforms (DCTs). The architecture is optimized for both zero and small-valued data, typical in DCT applications, yielding both high average performance and low average power. The proposed bundled-data pipelines(More)
This paper proposes an efficient asynchronous hardwired matrix-vector multiplier for the rwo-dimensional discrete cosine transform and inverse discrete cosine transform (DCT/IDCT). The design achieves low power and high performance by taking advantage of the typically large fraction of zero and small-valued data in DCT and IDCT applications. In particular,(More)
This paperpresents low-power asynchronousbarrel shifters for variable length encoders and decoders useful in portable applications using multimedia standards. Our approach is to create multi-level asynchronous barrel shifters optimized for the skewed shift control statistics often found in these codecs. For common shifts, data passes through one level,(More)
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