Kyeonghwa Lee

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Policy transfer occurs regularly. In essence, a strategy developed elsewhere is taken up and applied in another policy context. Yet what precisely is policy transfer and, more importantly, under what conditions does it occur? This paper describes policy transfer and addresses three main questions, exploring what perspectives of policy transfer might(More)
Analogical reasoning, in general, refers to the ability to perceive and construct corresponding structural similarity in objects whose surface features are not necessarily similar (Richland, Holyoak, & Stigler, 2004, p. 37). Research has shown that children can use analogical reasoning to adapt to new novel contexts (Holyoak & Thagard, 1995), transfer(More)
Eastern philosophies of education such as Confucianism and Taosim advocate the use of silence in the teacher-pupil tradition of pedagogy. We investigate contemporary classrooms in Korea, and study whether teachers in Korea today incorporate this method implicitly or explicitly in their classrooms. Empirical data in the form of video-taped classroom lessons(More)
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