Kyeong Ok Chang

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Dual infections by group A and group C rotaviruses have been reported, but no reassortants between group A and group C rotaviruses have been described. The VP6 major inner capsid protein of group A and C rotaviruses shares common antigens detected by monoclonal antibodies and also shares 40-43% amino acid identity. Coinfection of Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9)(More)
The undesirable side effects and variable efficacy of some oral live rotavirus vaccines in infants have necessitated alternative vaccine approaches. We evaluated a recombinant RFVP2/WaVP6 rotavirus-like-particle (2/6VLP) oral vaccine, using an immunostimulating complex (ISCOM) matrix as adjuvant, in a gnotobiotic (Gn) pig model of human rotavirus (HRV)(More)
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