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Effects of Drought Stress on Photosynthetic Capacity and Photosystem II Activity in Oplopanax elatus
This study was performed to investigate the physiological responses of Oplopanax elatus by water condition. Drought stress was induced by withholding water for 26 days. The results show that PN max,
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of different solvent fractions from ethanol extract of Synurus deltoides (Aiton) Nakai leaves
It was demonstrated that S. deltoides had great potential to be a source of edible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents and was valuable to be researched farther and fractions of S. Deltoides showed excellent antioxidant andAnti-inflammatory effects in a series of assays.
Comparison of Volatile Aroma Compounds between Synurus deltoides and Aster scaber Leaves
This study was investigated to compare the volatile aroma compounds of Synurus deltoides and Aster scaber. The volatile aroma compounds from Synurus deltoides and Aster scaber were extracted by
Changes of Characteristics Related to Photosynthesis in Synurus deltoides under Different Shading Treatments
This study was conducted to investigate the changes of chlorophyll contents, chlorophyll fluorescence, photo- synthetic parameters, and leaf growth of Synurus deltoides under different shading
Studies on the Agroforestry Methods of Wild Edible Greens (IV) - Water Relations Parameters of Three Ligularia Species Leaves Obtained from P-V Curves -
Ligularia spp, occurring incipient plasmolysis in the high water contents, have a relatively low property of drought-tolerance, suggesting that growth of those Ligulari spp.
Water Relations Parameters of Rhododendron micranthum Turcz. from P-V Curves
It is suggested that individuals growing in both Worak and Seokpo-ri, are preferable to those in Yeonha-ri for ex-situ transplantation since those individuals are found to have better drought resistance.
Effects of Light Condition on Growth and Physiological Characteristics of the Endangered Species Sedirea japonica under RCP 6.0 Climate Change Scenarios
Evaluating the physiological and growth responses of Sedirea japonica cultured in chambers under RCP 6.0 and different light conditions revealed a dynamic photoinhibition phenomenon and in this group, leaf, root, and total dry weight, chlorophyll content, and carotenoid content were the worst growth indices.
A Comparison the Volatile Aroma Compounds between Ligularia fischeri and Ligularia fischeri var. spiciformis Leaves
The volatile aroma of fresh leaves is one of main factor in taste of all the edible green plants. The volatile aroma in almost edible green leaves are suggested as essential oil compounds. Ligularia
Physiological Response and Growth Performance of Parasenecio firmus under Different Shading Treatments
The results suggest that growth of Parasenecio firmus adapted to 65~75% of full sunlight, and light absorption and light utilization efficiency were improved under the low intensity light.