Kyeong-An Kwon

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Securing the sensitive data stored and accessed from mobile devices makes user authentication a problem of paramount importance. The tension between security and usability renders however the task of user authentication on mobile devices a challenging task. This paper introduces FAST (Fingergestures Authentication System using Touchscreen), a novel(More)
In affective user studies, visual interfacing of data has received little attention. Such interfaces can support qualitative understanding, conveying insight about static and temporally evolving information; static information is exemplified by demographic data, while temporally evolving information is exemplified by physiological signals. In this paper we(More)
Analyzing affective studies is challenging because they feature multimodal data, such as psychometric scores, imaging sequences, and signals from wearable sensors, with the latter streaming continuously for hours on end. Meaningful visual representations of such data can greatly facilitate insights and qualitative analysis. Various tools that were proposed(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach of using the integrated GPU to accelerate conventional operations that are normally performed by the CPUs, the bulk memory operations, such as memcpy or memset. Offloading the bulk memory operations to the GPU has many advantages, i) the throughput driven GPU outperforms the CPU on the bulk memory operations; ii)(More)
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