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A general condition for the existence of fermion zero modes is derived for the M-5-brane, the M-2-brane and the D = 4, N = 2 Majumdar-Papapetrou 0-brane. The fermion zero modes of these p-branes do not exist if the supersymmetry spinor generator goes to a constant at the horizon and they exist only if it vanishes there. In particular it is shown that the(More)
We assess the relative importance of spatial congestion and lowered temperature in the slowing dynamics of supercooled glycerol near the glass transition. We independently vary both volume V and temperature T by applying high pressure and monitor the dynamics by measuring the dielectric susceptibility. Our results demonstrate that both variables are control(More)
Colloids near the glass concentration are often taken as models for molecular glasses. Yet, an important aspect of the dynamics of molecular glasses, structural recovery, has not been elucidated in colloids. We take advantage of a thermosensitive colloidal suspension to study the structural recovery after concentration jumps by using diffusing wave(More)
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