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In an article for checking the validation and correctness of the SIP specification (Session Initiation Protocol) in contrast to the well-known work is proposed to describe the specifications in much more expressive, well-structured and theoretically, as a formal system, a more advanced version of the language, based on the models of interacting sequential(More)
This paper studies one particular aspect of providing communication security: firewall technology. This article provides a security framework in the form of packet filtering model within the firewall technology system and its components can be designed and evaluated. This paper introduces a reference model based on packet filtering firewall technology. All(More)
The paper discusses the issues related with the modelling of hierarchical dataflow control systems operating in a distributed decentralized information environment. The paper also discusses the aspects of the application of a similar system for building an open cloud platform.
In this paper the problems of transmitting trustworthy monitoring and control signals through the communication channels of sophisticated telemechanics systems using the IEC 60870-5-101 (104) are debated (104). Mathematically justified discrepancy between concepts of "information veracity" and "information protection from noise in communication channel" is(More)
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