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With the liberalization and internalization of financial markets, in terms of the entrance of the World Trade Organization, banks in Taiwan face pressures in service quality and administrative efficiency. Predicting customers' intention to adopt Internet banking is an important issue. Attempts to understand how an individual's belief, embracing attitude,(More)
In the digital economy, IS projects play an increasingly important role for creating value and organizations have grown more heavily dependant on IS to help them solve problems and overcome challenges. However, lots of IS projects end in failure. The failed projects waste businesses millions of dollars every year and often prevent key business objectives(More)
At any time, over 1.4 million people worldwide are suffering from infections acquired in hospital. Approximate 380,000 to 450,000 preventable Adverse drug events (ADEs) occurring annually in the United States. Therefore, patient safety has become a serious global public health issue. The purpose of this paper attempts to improve medication safety and reduce(More)
With liberalization and internalization in the financial market and progress in information technology, banks face dual competitive pressures to provide service quality and administrative efficiency. That these recent developments are fueled by technology might misleadingly suggest that the adoption of mobile banking is largely based on technological(More)
—The World Wide Web (WWW) has rapidly evolved since its inception in 1990. The total value of purchased goods and online services reached 327 billion US dollars in 2002. Such exponential growth has influenced the establishment of electronic commerce. Understanding online consumers is important in today's economy. However, online sales remain relatively low(More)
The increasing popularity in the new digital economy, and the Internet is considered a technology asset because its efficiency to quickly break geographical barriers. The purpose of this study is to explore from customerspsila perspective what attracts them to online auction sites and keeps them coming back. This article provides an understanding on online(More)
The main purpose of this study was twofold. First, it adopted the theory of task ontology to build up a three-level mediating representation for a task analysis and the task of " Manage goods and materials " served as an example. Five phases, task analysis, task ontology, IDEF0 model, Petri net model, and PNML, are displayed for domain experts and can(More)