Kwonho Jeong

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BACKGROUND Despite the surge of recent research on the association between perceived discrimination and health-related outcomes, few studies have focused on race-based discrimination encountered in health care settings. This study examined the prevalence of such discrimination, and its association with health status, for the 3 largest race/ethnic groups in(More)
OBJECTIVES We compared rates of perceived racial discrimination in health care settings for veteran and nonveteran patients and for veterans who used the Veterans Affairs health care system and those who did not. METHODS Data were drawn from the 2004 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. We used logistic regression to examine whether perceived(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often are sedentary and have an increased risk of developing comorbid conditions. Women with RA are more likely to experience challenges in maintaining an active lifestyle over their life span than men with RA or people who are healthy. As the benefits of physical activity (PA) are well known, measuring(More)
PURPOSE To examine the association between race/ethnicity and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine initiation and to determine how access to health care influences this relationship. METHODS We used nationally representative data from the National Survey of Family Growth to assess HPV vaccine initiation in 2,168 females aged 15-24 years. A series of(More)
OBJECTIVES In the first days after cardiac arrest, accurate prognostication is challenging. Serum biomarkers are a potentially attractive adjunct for prognostication and risk stratification. Our primary objective in this exploratory study was to identify novel early serum biomarkers that predict survival after cardiac arrest earlier than currently possible.(More)
Seasonal variation of vitamin D status and adequacy of dietary vitamin D and impact of race on maintaining vitamin D sufficiency was assessed in 140 healthy 6- to 12-year-old African American (AA) and Caucasian (C) children residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during summer and winter. Vitamin D insufficiency was not rare in either group (AA vs C, summer,(More)
BACKGROUND Binge drinking is associated with numerous negative consequences. The prevalence and intensity of binge drinking is highest among young adults. This randomized trial tested the efficacy of a 12-week interactive text message intervention to reduce binge drinking up to 6 months after intervention completion among young adults. METHODS AND(More)
OBJECTIVES The 24-hour physician coverage of the emergency department (ED) requires shift work, which can result in desynchronosis and cognitive decline. We measured changes in cognition and sleep disturbance in attending emergency physicians (EPs) before and after day and overnight shifts. METHODS Thirteen EPs were tested before and after day and(More)
BACKGROUND Timely notification and treatment of sex partners exposed to a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is essential to reduce reinfection and transmission. Our objectives were to determine factors associated with patient-initiated notification of sex partners and preferences regarding standard partner referral versus expedited partner therapy (EPT).(More)
We describe an indoor, portable, standardized course that can be used to evaluate obstacle avoidance in persons who have ultralow vision. Six sighted controls and 36 completely blind but otherwise healthy adult male (n=29) and female (n=13) subjects (age range 19-85 years), were enrolled in one of three studies involving testing of the BrainPort sensory(More)