Kwong Leung Yu

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Existing models for describing a process such as a business process or a software development process tend to focus on the what or the how of the process For example a health insurance claim process would typically be described in terms of a number of steps for assessing and approving a claim In trying to improve or redesign a process however one also needs(More)
Our study evaluates the usefulness and the limitations of using the medical records of a central referral hospital to develop a child injury surveillance system in northern Malawi. The most prevalent types of injury were falls (29.6%), road traffic injuries (22.0%), burns (21.4%) and poisoning (15.1%). Older children (aged 5-14 years), in the cool-dry(More)
To evaluate the awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention education, and the acceptance of HIV testing among residents on Likoma Island, Malawi, a cross-sectional, population-based study of 579 residents aged > or =15 years from seven villages on Likoma Island was conducted during July and August 2007. Most of the subjects studied could correctly answer questions(More)
An understanding of statistical concepts is important for biomedical researchers. Statistics and probability are the scientific basis for dealing with sources of variation inherent in most biologic processes. This paper provides an introduction to the statistical framework that is fundamental to scientific methods of inquiry. Topics covered include the role(More)
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