Kwon-Ho Kim

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the olfactory transfer of a growth hormone releasing neuropeptide, hexarelin to the brain tissues by comparing brain uptake levels after intranasal administration with those after intravenous administration. The hexarelin nasal formulation was prepared using an aqueous cosolvent vehicle consisting of ethanol,(More)
Direct current (DC) piezoelectric power generator is promising for the miniaturization of a power package and self-powering of nanorobots and body-implanted devices. Hence, we report the first use of two-dimensional (2D) zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure and an anionic nanoclay layer to generate piezoelectric DC output power. The device, made from 2D(More)
Electroporation is one of the most widely used transfection methods because of its high efficiency and convenience among the various transfection methods. Previous micro-electroporation systems have some drawbacks such as limitations in height and design, time-consuming and an expensive fabrication process due to technical constraints. This study fabricates(More)
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