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In recent years, a variety of effective chaos-based image encryption schemes have been proposed. The typical structure of these schemes has the permutation and the diffusion stages performed alternatively. The confusion and diffusion effect is solely contributed by the permutation and the diffusion stage, respectively. As a result, more overall rounds than(More)
An approach for the on-line synthesis of wavelet network using recursive least square (RLS) training is proposed. It is based on the concept of successive approximation of the system function to be learned. By using the Bayesian Information Criteria (BIC), the optimal number of wavelets is determined in the training process. Simulation results show that the(More)
In 1998, M. S. Baptista proposed a chaotic cryptosystem, which has attracted much attention from the chaotic cryptography community: some of its modifications and also attacks have been reported in recent years. In [Phys. Lett. A 307 (2003) 22], we suggested a method to enhance the security of Baptista-type cryptosystem, which can successfully resist all(More)