Kwok W. Cheung

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Invited Paper System reliability is an integral part of a properly designed deregulated electricity market, even though wholesale energy prices are its most visible piece. This paper discusses the resources , collectively known as the ancillary services, in a power system for maintaining reliability. It then discusses an integrated approach in(More)
Generalized Survivable Networks (GSNs) have two interesting properties that are essential attributes for the future backbone networks – full survivability against link failures and support for dynamic traffic demands. GSN incorporates the non-blocking network concept into the survivable network models. Given a set of nodes and a topology that is at least(More)
Description: The latest practical applications of electricity market equilibrium models in analyzing electricity markets Electricity market deregulation is driving the power energy production from a monopolistic structure into a competitive market environment. The development of electricity markets has necessitated the need to analyze market behavior and(More)
At half the cost, Generalized Survivable Networks (GSNs) can be configured to arbitrary mesh topologies yet allow full-survivability and dynamic traffic demand provisioning. The potential of a single network failure to severely disrupt the economy and security of an entire nation makes survivability and fault tolerance key requirements for any core datacom(More)
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