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The battery management system (BMS) is a critical component of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The purpose of the BMS is to guarantee safe and reliable battery operation. To maintain the safety and reliability of the battery, state monitoring and evaluation, charge control, and cell balancing are functionalities that have been implemented in BMS. As(More)
As consumers are becoming increasingly selective of what they wear on their feet, manufacturers are experiencing problems developing and fitting the right footwear. Literature suggests that shoes with a shape similar to feet may be comfortable because they attempt to maintain the feet in a neutral posture. The objective of this paper is to develop a metric(More)
The control chart based on geometric distribution (geometric chart) has been shown to be competitive to p-or np-charts for monitoring proportion nonconforming, especially for applications in high quality manufacturing environment. However, implementing a geometric chart often assumes the process parameter to be known or accurately estimated. For a high(More)
Computer models are widely used to simulate real processes. Within the computer model, there always exist some parameters which are unobservable in the real process but need to be specified in the model. The procedure to adjust these unknown parameters in order to fit the model to observed data and improve predictive capability is known as calibration.(More)
  • K C Shek, K L Tsui, +11 authors C W Kam
  • 2009
OBJECTIVE To determine the oral bacterial flora associated with two common local venomous snakes in Hong Kong, namely the Chinese cobra (Naja atra) and the bamboo pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris). DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING A non-government organisation and a regional hospital in Hong Kong. SUBJECTS Thirty-two Chinese cobras and seven(More)
Because of their low cost, photovoltaic (PV) cells made from upgraded metallurgical grade silicon (UMG-Si) are a promising alternative to conventional solar grade silicon-based PV cells. This study investigates the outdoor performance of a 1.26 kW grid-connected UMG-Si PV system over five years, reporting the energy yields and performance ratio and(More)