Kwok Hon Chan

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The purpose of this article is to reconsider the role of the hippocampus in learning tasks that require suppression or prevention of memories or responses. This type of learning has generally been referred to as inhibitory learning. Although early theories proposed that the hippocampus was important for inhibitory learning, these ideas have generally fallen(More)
Previously, Solomon (1977) reported that aspiration lesions of the dorsal hippocampus in rabbits had no effect either on the acquisition of Pavlovian conditioned inhibition or on performance during a subsequent retardation test. The present experiment confirmed and extended these findings by showing that rats with ibotenate lesions of the complete(More)
As studies have pointed out, severity scores are imperfect at predicting individual clinical chance of survival. The clinical condition and pathophysiological status of these patients in the Intensive Care Unit might differ from or be more complicated than most predictive models account for. In addition, as the pathophysiological status changes over time,(More)
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