Kwok Ching Tsui

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With the increasing popularity of Internet commerce, a wealth of information about the customers can now be readily acquired on-line. An important example is the customers' preference ratings for the various products offered by the company. Successful mining of these ratings can thus allow the company's direct marketing campaigns to provide automatic(More)
Autonomous multi-entity systems are plentiful in natural and artificial worlds. Many systems have been studied in depth and some models of them have been built as computational systems for problem solving. Central to these computational systems is the notion of autonomy. This article surveys research work done along this direction and proposes autonomy(More)
— With the advent of the WWW, providing just-in-time personalized product recommendations to customers becomes possible. Collaborative recommender systems utilize the correlation between customer preference ratings to identify " like-minded " customers and predict their product preference. One factor determining the success of the recommender systems is the(More)
With growing acceptance of service-oriented computing, an emerging area of research is the investigation of technologies that will enable the discovery and composition of web services. Using the same approach as the popular Trading Agent Competitions (TAC), the EEE-05 Web Services Challenge is the first event geared towards the management of web services.(More)
A new self-tuning regulator for control of mean arterial blood pressure using sodium nitroprusside is presented. In addition to adapting to various patient response gains and time constants, the controller can accommodate variations in pure time delays, a problem that has not been addressed fully in previously proposed controllers. The control algorithm(More)