Kwok Cheung

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This paper presents Provenance Explorer, a secure provenance visualization tool, designed to dynamically generate customized views of scientific data provenance that depend on the viewer's requirements and/or access privileges. Using RDF and graph visualizations, it enables scientists to view the data, states and events associated with a scientific workflow(More)
Scientific communities are under increasing pressure from funding organizations to publish their raw data, in addition to their traditional publications, in open archives. Many scientists would be willing to do this if they had tools that streamlined the process and exposed simple provenance information, i.e., enough to explain the methodology and validate(More)
Materials scientists and nano-technologists are struggling with the challenge of managing the large volumes of mul-tivariate, multidimensional and mixed-media data sets being generated from the experimental, characterisation, testing and post-processing steps associated with their search for new materials. In addition, they need to access large publicly(More)
By providing an integrated Web interface to the critical materials science databases and analytical tools, MatSeek represents a significant advance toward a full-fledged materials-informatics workbench. M aterials scientists and nanotechnologists are struggling with the challenge of managing the large volumes of multivariate, multidimensional, and(More)
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