Kwo-Kwang Abraham Wang

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Although natural products have been a particularly rich source of human medicines, activity-based screening results in a very high rate of rediscovery of known molecules. Based on the large number of natural product biosynthetic genes in microbial genomes, many have proposed "genome mining" as an alternative approach for discovery efforts; however, this(More)
More than 35% of human urinary bladder cancers involve oncogenic H-Ras activation. The goal of this study was to investigate the role of the ERK pathway in mediating apoptotic signals induced by oncogenic H-Ras, FK228 treatment, and exogenous H(2) O(2) treatment to increase Nox-1 elevation, leading to production of intracellular reactive oxygen species(More)
Fosfazinomycin A is a phosphonate natural product in which the C-terminal carboxylate of a Val-Arg dipeptide is connected to methyl 2-hydroxy-2-phosphono-acetate (Me-HPnA) via a unique hydrazide linkage. We report here that Me-HPnA is generated from phosphonoacetaldehyde (PnAA) in three biosynthetic steps through the combined action of an(More)
The biosynthetic origin of a unique hydrazide moiety in the phosphonate natural product fosfazinomycin is unknown. This study presents the activities of five proteins encoded in its gene cluster. The flavin dependent oxygenase FzmM catalyses the oxidation of L-Asp to N-hydroxy-Asp. When FzmL is added, fumarate is produced in addition to nitrous acid. The(More)
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