Kwetishe Joro Danjuma

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The nature of clinical data makes it difficult to quickly select, tune and apply machine learning algorithms to clinical prognosis. As a result, a lot of time is spent searching for the most appropriate machine learning algorithms applicable in clinical prognosis that contains either binary-valued or multi-valued attributes. The study set out to identify(More)
Information and Communication Technology is a compendium of interrelated applications, products and services that can either deepen or alter gender equality. It has successfully transformed education, businesses, healthcare, entertainment, politics and good governance within the Global North; providing equitable access to developmental framework driven by(More)
As Internet Telephony unveils a communication system that allows for the conduction and reception of voice signals and data over the internet network, the volume of voice traffic and (or) packets on IP networks have grown substantially. However, a crucial problem imminent is that of inefficient bandwidth utilization which is mostly as a result of header(More)
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