Kwesi G Marshall

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Two cases of malignant disease occurring during immunosuppressive therapy, one a leiomyosarcoma of bowel metastatic to the liver, the other, carcinoma in situ of the cervix uteri, are reported. The possible roles of immunosuppression and immunosuppressive therapy in the pathogenesis of these neoplasms are discussed. It is suggested that the incidence of(More)
It has been estimated that more than 50 % of deaths before the age of 5 years have undernutrition as an underlying cause. Severe childhood malnutrition, an extreme form of undernutrition, occurs as oedematous and non-oedematous syndromes. The reasons why only some children develop oedematous severe childhood malnutrition (OSCM) have remained elusive, but(More)
BACKGROUND Severe childhood malnutrition (SCM) occurs as both oedematous and non-oedematous syndromes. The reasons why some children develop oedematous SCM (OSCM) have remained elusive but differences in clinical presentation among malnourished children from similar backgrounds suggests that there might be inter-individual variation in susceptibility to(More)
BACKGROUND The causes of oedematous vs non-oedematous childhood malnutrition (OM vs NOM) remain elusive. It is possible that inherited differences in handling oxidant stressors are a contributing factor. AIMS To test for associations between polymorphisms in five genes and (i) risk of OM, a case-control study, and (ii) percentage cytotoxicity in(More)