Kweon Yang Kim

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Studies were conducted to establish optimal conditions for the acid hydrolysis of sweet potato for maximal ethanol yield. The starch contents of two sweet potato cultivars (Georgia Red and TG-4), based on fresh weight, were 21.1 +/- 0.6% and 27.5 +/- 1.6%, respectively. The results of acid hydrolysis experiments showed the following: (1) both hydrolysis(More)
Diethyl alpha-alkynyl-alpha-methoxymalonates (2a--e) were smoothly hydrolyzed and then decarboxylated under alkaline conditions employing 1 N KOH in EtOH to give conjugated allenyl esters (6a--e) in high yields, and similar alkaline treatment of diethyl alpha-alkynyl-alpha-acetylaminomalonates (5a, b, d, e) furnished unexpectedly the oxazoles (7a, b, d, e)(More)