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The Long Term Evolution (LTE) as a mobile broadband technology supports a wide domain of communication services with different requirements. Therefore, scheduling of all flows from various applications in overload states in which the requested amount of bandwidth exceeds the limited available spectrum resources is a challenging issue. Accordingly, in this(More)
In LTE multi-service communication system, a trade-off between QoS assurance and fairness is a challenging issue, since the QoS provisioning at the cost of starving users in low service demand classes is not favorable for the operator. In this paper, we adopt the time-domain Knapsack algorithm and fine tune it to provide fair resource allocation while(More)
In recent days, more complicated interconnection topologies have been replaced with previously simple topologies that also exhibit high performance. x-Folded TM network is a TM network that is folded according to the imaginary x-axis in interconnection networks. For a x-Folded TM network, there is a reduction in the average distance and diameter which(More)
Over the years, the distributed database has been developed so fast that there's a need to develop an effective selection algorithm for it. Loo and Choi has proposed a statistical selection algorithm with the same objective and run in multicast / broadcast environment that has been proved that it is the best among others in terms of the number of messages(More)
In this research, a new multiple selection algorithm, which is known as “statistical fixed range multiple selection algorithm” is proposed. This algorithm is developed based on the statistical knowledge about the uniform distribution nature of the data which has been arranged in ascending order in the local file. A global file with n keys is(More)
The growing variety and consumption of the mobile services throughout the cellular networks lead to various challenging issues in radio resource scheduling. To have an apparent perspective over the resource scheduling in real implementation of the next generation cellular networks, it is essential to consider sequences of alternating overload and normal(More)
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