Kwangmi Ko Kim

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Abnormal changes in skin color induce significant cosmetic problems and affect quality of life. There are two groups of abnormal change in skin color; hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation, darkening skin color by excessive pigmentation, is a major concern for Asian people with yellow-brown skin. A variety of hypopigmenting agents have(More)
We have developed a fully automated high throughput drug screening (HTDS) system based on the microfluidic cell culture array to perform combinational chemotherapy. This system has 64 individually addressable cell culture chambers where the sequential combinatorial concentrations of two different drugs can be generated by two microfluidic diffusive mixers.(More)
Lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1 (LFA-1), a member of beta2-integrin family, exerts multiple roles in host T cell immunity and has been identified as a useful drug-development target for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Applying the findings that primary resting T cells absorb nanometric membrane vesicles derived from antigen presenting cells(More)
Applying data mining techniques to social media can yield interesting perspectives about individual human behavior, detecting hot issues and topics, or discovering a group and community. However, it is difficult to build your own data set to apply data mining techniques without an automated data gathering and filtering system because of main characteristics(More)
Topic model uncovers abstract topics within texts documents, which is an essential task in text analysis in social networks. However, identifying topics in text documents in social networks is challenging since the texts are short, unlabeled, and unstructured. For this reason, we propose a topic classification system regarding the features of text documents(More)
BACKGROUND Human epidermal γδ T cells are known to play crucial roles in the defense and homeostasis of the skin. However, their precise mechanism of action in skin inflammation remains less clear. OBJECTIVE In this study, we analyzed the cytokine expression profile of human epidermal γδ T cells and compared it to that of peripheral blood γδ T cells to(More)