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Mapping Human Genetic Diversity in Asia
Patterns of Early Migration In order to gain insight into various migrations that must have happened during movement of early humans into Asia and the subsequent populating of the largest continentExpand
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Urban Revitalization in the United States: Policies and Practices
Submitted by: Dr. Stacey A. Sutton Assistant Professor of Urban Planning Director, Community & Capital Action Research Lab (CARL) Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation ColumbiaExpand
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Positive Coexistence of Steady States for a Diffusive Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey Model with an Infected Prey
We examine a diffusive ratio-dependent predator-prey system with disease in the prey under homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions with a hostile environment at its boundary. We investigate theExpand
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A comparison of cross-tension properties and fracture behavior between similar and dissimilar resistance spot-weldments in medium-Mn TRIP steel
Abstract The current study characterizes the degradation of cross-tension properties in medium-Mn transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steel weldments by comparison of fracture behaviors in bothExpand
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Diffusive Epidemiological Predator–Prey Models with Ratio-Dependent Functional Responses and Nonlinear Incidence Rate
In this paper, when the predator breeds only by the prey, the relationship among the two classes of prey (susceptible and infected prey) and the predator is represented by using an epidemic modelExpand
Local dynamics and coexistence of predator-prey model with directional dispersal of predator.
In this paper, we study the effect of directional dispersal of a predator on a predator- prey model. The prey is assumed to have traits making it undetectable to the predator and difficult to chaseExpand