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The passive optical network (PON) is an optical fiber based network architecture, which can provide much higher bandwidth in the access network compared to traditional copper-based networks. Incorporating wavelength-division multiplex-ing (WDM) in a PON allows one to support much higher bandwidth compared to the standard PON, which operates in the "(More)
In P2P overlay network, peers are able to directly share and exchange information without the help of a server. This results in a prompt and secure sharing of network resources and data handling. However, flooding algorithm that is used in distributed P2P network generated query message excessively. Our objective in this paper is to proposes a presents a(More)
We demonstrate a mitigation of fiber nonlinearity based on μ-law companding transform in coherent optical OFDM transmissions. High peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) increases fiber nonlinear impairments caused by the Kerr effect in optical fiber. The μ-law companding modifies amplitude profile of OFDM signal with time domain signal processing, which(More)
Mode division multiplexed optical transmission enabled by all-fiber mode multiplexer is investigated. The proposed all-fiber mode multiplexer is composed of consecutive mode selective couplers. It multiplexes or demultiplexes LP01, LP11, LP21, and LP02 modes simultaneously. We demonstrate successful transmission of three spatial modes with 120 Gb/s PDM-QPSK(More)
Digital symbol synchronization of optical binary phase shift keying signals is experimentally demonstrated. Algorithm of timing error feedback is proposed for coherent intradyne reception. The feedback loop operates stable in the range of symbol rate, 9.7 approximately 10.3 GSymbol/s with 20 GSampling/s at relatively high bit error rate of approximately(More)
We experimentally demonstrate transmission of 6 x 86 Gb/s DQPSK signals over 2 km of OM2 grade multimode fiber. The successful transmission of 86 Gb/s per wavelength over multimode fiber is the highest speed per wavelength ever reported to our knowledge. The transmission performance over OM2 grade multimode fiber is also compared with OM3 grade multimode(More)