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The passive optical network (PON) is an optical fiber based network architecture, which can provide much higher bandwidth in the access network compared to traditional copper-based networks. Incorporating wavelength-division multiplex-ing (WDM) in a PON allows one to support much higher bandwidth compared to the standard PON, which operates in the "(More)
In P2P overlay network, peers are able to directly share and exchange information without the help of a server. This results in a prompt and secure sharing of network resources and data handling. However, flooding algorithm that is used in distributed P2P network generated query message excessively. Our objective in this paper is to proposes a presents a(More)
In present times, OFDM has emerged as a key area of research in optical communication. Ofdm is a modulation technique by which high data rates can be achieved by sending data simultaneously over multiple subcarrier frequencies. However the main problem of OFDM is high PAPR value. High PAPR enhances non linear effects in optical fibers as the effective(More)