Kwangjoon Kim

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The passive optical network (PON) is an optical fiber based network architecture, which can provide much higher bandwidth in the access network compared to traditional copper-based networks. Incorporating wavelength-division multiplex-ing (WDM) in a PON allows one to support much higher bandwidth compared to the standard PON, which operates in the "(More)
In present times, OFDM has emerged as a key area of research in optical communication. Ofdm is a modulation technique by which high data rates can be achieved by sending data simultaneously over multiple subcarrier frequencies. However the main problem of OFDM is high PAPR value. High PAPR enhances non linear effects in optical fibers as the effective(More)
 This paper presents the dynamic connection control scheme in an optical network. We propose the network architecture which consists of the transport network including PXC and ROADM and the control network including control servers. The control network is implemented separately from the transport network. We describe the control software modules in the(More)
The Internet can be seen as a cooperative network composed of millions of hosts spread around the world and it is also a distributed shared resource. In the P2P technology, as opposed to the existing client/server concept, devices are actively connected with one another in order to share the resources and every participant is both a server and a client at(More)
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