Kwanghyun Cho

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Gearshift control is one of the main functions of automotive transmissions. The proposed control utilizes the functionality of Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs) that two control inputs are available incorporating each other. During gearshift operation, each clutch is controlled uni-directionally to prevent undesirable effects such as dead zone nonlinearity,(More)
This paper comparatively analyzes the performance of X-MAC and PW-MAC as asynchronous sensor MACs with tree-topology using virtual simulation. PW-MAC has better performance in comparison to X-MAC, but it is receiver-initiated and shows collision when data is sent to common receiver. Therefore, this study evaluates whether PW-MAC maintains better performance(More)
This paper proposes the vehicle longitudinal controller for the Anti-lock Braking System(ABS) and Traction Control System(TCS). The sliding mode control scheme without a sign function is used to design a controller. Instead of a sign function, the adaptation mechanism is used to reduce the actuator chattering as a problem of the sliding mode control. The(More)
This paper presents a novel disturbance compensation scheme to attenuate periodic disturbances on repetitive motion using permanent magnet linear synchronous motors (PMLSMs), and this scheme is called the periodical adaptive disturbance observer. The scheme is based on assumptions that all measured states and disturbances are periodic and repetitive when(More)
This paper proposes a new scaleless position estimation method. From the industrial perspective, the Hall sensor has several advantages: tiny size, light weight, extremely low cost, and insensitivity to environmental contamination and external disturbance. Compared to the square wave Hall sensor, the linear Hall sensor provides more detailed information(More)
This paper proposes a periodic adaptive disturbance observer (PADOB) to control a PMLSM (Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor). The PADOB consists of a classical linear DOB and an adaptive mechanism which has been known as the periodic adaptive learning control (PALC). The key idea is to compensate parametric errors between the actual plant and the(More)
This paper proposes a periodic adaptive disturbance observer (PADOB) for a precision position control of a PMLSM (Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor), which is based on a periodic adaptive learning control(PALC). It updates the output of a classical linear DOB to compensate modeling errors between a nominal plant and actual plant and external(More)
The airbag system has been a standard safety equipment for vehicles and it is efficient for enhancing the safety of a driver and passengers from crash. However, inadvertent injuries have been caused by airbag deployment in a rough and uncertain temporal interval. In this paper, a pre-crash discrimination system is proposed to prevent airbag deployment from(More)
Linear motor system has been developed to achieve high speed and high precision motion control in linear motion system, since rotary type motor has backlash and hysteresis due to mechanical parts like chain, belt or screw. However, paradoxically, linear motor system becomes more sensitive to the external disturbance, because it doesn't have such(More)
Airbag systems have become an essential safety device for guaranteeing the physical well-being of drivers and their passengers. Unlike other safety devices, airbags are used as the last resort in a collision, and because they are directly linked to the life of the driver and passengers, the proper functioning of the system is an issue of paramount(More)