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Cryptographic systems have been widely used in many information security applications. One main challenge that these systems have faced has been how to protect private keys from attackers. Recently, biometric cryptosystems have been introduced as a reliable way of concealing private keys by using biometric data. A fuzzy vault refers to a biometric(More)
This paper proposes a free parking space detection system by using motion stereo-based 3D reconstruction. An image sequence is acquired with a single rearview fisheye camera and the view behind the automobile is three-dimensionally reconstructed by using point correspondences. Metric information is recovered from the camera height ratio and free parking(More)
An automatic parking system provides convenience for drivers by automatically finding free parking spaces and steering automobiles toward them. This paper proposes a vision-based free parking space detection system. The proposed method consists of two stages. First, the automobile rearview is three-dimensionally reconstructed using the optical flow-based(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm for rejecting false matches (known as outliers) in image pairs acquired with automobile-mounted cameras. Many intelligent vehicle applications require point correspondences for motion estimation and 3D reconstruction which can be affected by outliers. We use the property of automobile motion to reject outliers. Automobile(More)
We propose an invariant key generation method using an iris image. In conventional iris recognition systems, iris features are not consistent because most feature extraction techniques are sensitive to variations of the captured iris image data. We introduce an invariant binary feature which is defined as the iris key. Regardless of iris image variations,(More)