Kwanghwi Kim

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The affordability of digital cameras, storages, processors and the advances in these areas are encouraging people to take hundreds of photos at once. However, managing the large number of photographs involves arduous tasks such as selecting good quality photos and classifying and labeling each photo. Generally, users put their photos into certain(More)
People are encouraged to take more photos more easily and cost-effectively than ever due to the popularity of smart-phones equipped with a camera module. However, after taking many photos, it is a hard and tedious work to choose good quality photos from among all photos taken during travel. In addition, it requires us to organize and label by manual tagging(More)
Shoulder-surfing is a well-known technique to steal passwords by observing authentication sessions. While researchers have proposed many shoulder-surfing resistant password schemes, there is no general model to illustrate existing schemes and to help developing new schemes. In this paper, we introduce a graph-based model that generally describes(More)
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