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Uranium dioxide (UO2) is an important fuel material in the nuclear industry, and the behavior of the 5f electrons of uranium is one of the most interesting subjects about actinide elements and their compounds. Uranium dioxide is known to be a good insulator[1], and it is also known that the magnetic moment on uranium ions orders antiferromagnetically at(More)
Supercritical fluids have good penetrating power with a high capacity to dissolve certain solutes in the fluid itself, making it applicable for soil cleaning. Supercritical CO2 along with mixed ligands has been used for cleaning artificially contaminated soil. The extraction of metal from the soil was successful, and the molar ratio of ligands to the(More)
An environmentally friendly decontamination process for uranium-contaminated soil sand is proposed. The process uses supercritical CO2 as the cleaning solvent and a TBP–HNO3 complex as the reagent. Four types of samples (sea sand and coarse, medium, and fine soil sand) were artificially contaminated with uranium. The effects of the amount of the reagent,(More)
Due to an increase of the nuclear power plant, radioactive waste is also increasing trend and due to the large amount of radioactive waste disposal costs also increase. Decontamination of soil contamination is depending on the soil characteristics and environmental factor, so single decontamination method is difficult for effective decontamination. We need(More)
The waste oil used in nuclear fuel processing is contaminated with uranium because of its contact with materials or environments containing uranium. Under current law, waste oil that has been contaminated with uranium is very difficult to dispose of at a radioactive waste disposal site. To dispose of the uranium-contaminated waste oil, the uranium was(More)
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