Kwangha Suh

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Two parts of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and one part of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques are introduced in this paper. The first part is on the hermetic compressor shell’s modal analysis using stamping data, where the stamping analysis is mainly focused. The second part is noise radiation analysis using BEM. Since the weak point of BEM(More)
An integrated fiber-optic probe comprising a short length of multimode fiber that is fusion spliced to a monomode optical fiber has been fabricated for imaging and nonimaging applications. The fiber probe, typically 250 µm in diameter, can deliver a focused Gaussian spot approximately 25 µm in diameter at a distance of approximately 500 µm from the tip. Two(More)
An integrated fiber optic probe, comprising a monomode optical fiber fusion spliced to a short length of a graded-index multimode fiber, is fabricated for use as a coherent receiver in dynamic light scattering. The multimode fiber is cleaved to provide a gradient-index fiber lens with a focal length of 125 µm and an ƒ-number close to unity. An integrated(More)
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