Kwangcheol Shin

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Mobile sinks in wireless sensor networks have been the target of extensive research recently due to their efficient energy consumption and various possible applications. To support mobile sinks, an energy efficient routing protocol is essential. In this light, the present study proposes a milestone-based predictive routing protocol that improves energy(More)
In the fields of production, manufacturing and supply chain management, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is regarded as one of the most important technologies. Nowadays, Mobile RFID, which is often installed in carts or forklift trucks, is increasingly being applied to the search for and checkout of items in warehouses, supermarkets, libraries and(More)
2 Minimization of the number of cluster heads in a wireless sensor network is a very important problem to reduce channel contention and to improve the efficiency of the algorithm when executed at the level of cluster-heads. This paper proposes a Self Organizing Sensor (SOS) network based on an intelligent clustering algorithm which does not require many(More)
The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is famous as a nondeterministic polynomial-time hard problem. This study proposes a centroid-based heuristic algorithm to solve the capacitated VRP in polynomial time. The proposed algorithm consists of three phases: cluster construction, cluster adjustment, and route establishment. At the cluster construction phase, the(More)
MEDLINE is a very large database of abstracts of research papers in medical domain, maintained by the National Library of Medicine. Documents in MEDLINE are supplied with manually assigned keywords from a controlled vocabulary called MeSH terms, classified for each document into major MeSH terms describing the main topics of the document and minor MeSH(More)