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Location-Based Service (LBS) is considered as a key component of upcoming ubiquitous environments. A recommendation system based on LBS is expected to be an important service in ubiquitous environments , and most hardware technologies such as location estimation of a user by using Global Positioning System (GPS), as well as hi-speed internet access through(More)
Mobile sinks in wireless sensor networks have been the target of extensive research recently due to their efficient energy consumption and various possible applications. To support mobile sinks, an energy efficient routing protocol is essential. In this light, the present study proposes a milestone-based predictive routing protocol that improves energy(More)
Minimization of the number of cluster heads in a wireless sensor network is a very important problem to reduce channel contention and to improve the efficiency of the algorithm when executed at the level of cluster-heads. This paper proposes a Self Organizing Sensor (SOS) network based on an intelligent clustering algorithm which does not require many user(More)
Document clustering or unsupervised document classification has been used to enhance information retrieval. Recently this has become an intense area of research due to its practical importance. Outliers are the elements whose similarity to the centroid of the corresponding category is below some threshold value. In this paper, we show that excluding(More)
Though Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) is a popular on-demand algorithm designed to restrict the bandwidth consumed by control packets, the flooding of Route Request (RREQ) packets to find paths to a destination makes it difficult to apply DSR to wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which have tiny sensor nodes of limited memory and power. In this study, an(More)